Tributes pour in for Chiyonofuji following his death


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The Wolf was a true champion. He was not the largest sumo wrestler by any means, but one who was muscular cut and used skill, savvy and athleticism to be a great competitor and winner in the face of much larger men than himself.

When he was preparing for and then going thru the tachiai, there has never been a greater intimidating stare down. His eyes penetrated the opponents psyche, and defeated many, even before the tachiai. Never has there been a more mentally tough sumo wrestler than this undersized, yet powerful man.

He had the mental tenacity and the 'it' factor of top champions that ranks with the greatest in any sport, in any part of the world, and as a national treasure and legend, Chiyonofuji was the greatest Japanese athlete, imo, in the past half century.

He was not just a great athlete by Japanese standard, he was as great a champion as the Michael Jordan's, the Patrick Roy's and Tom Brady's of this earth. Though many in the world will not know his prowess, as Sumo is not followed world wide with fervor, and the Japanese are not known for their athletic greatness on a world level, he stands at a pinnacle reserved for the select few.

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It is always sad to hear about the passing of a legend, a part of every sumo fan, whether they saw him wrestle or not, knew about his courage and spirit and love of the sport.

I wish him the best on his journey to the great sumo ring in the sky!

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R.I.P Legend.

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He was a real legend who had great technique.

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I saw his last match live, while I was in Japan at that time on a short vacation. He was much loved.

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I don't know him, but it seems he was loved

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I really appreciated his fighting spirit and how popular he made sumo during his prime. RIP Mr. Chiyonofuji! I am happy I was in Japan to see him. My Hank Aaron of the sumo world for sure.

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