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Trump fans wait in long lines to see president, Daytona 500


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Big opportunistic clown !!,,

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Awesome! Wish I could be there as it's near my hometown. Trump and NASCAR combination is perfection.

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Attention K-Mart voters...

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Attention K-Mart voters...

I thought it was deplorable, irredeemable Walmart voters.

Guaranteed if it had been any of the Democrat candidates you'd be saying "Wow, look at the huge, enthusiastic crowds for..."

Watch us deplorable, iredeemable Walmart/K-Mart voters re-elect Trump in a landslide.

Trump-Pence 2020 all the way, Baby!

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Another barely disguised Trump campaign ad at a major sporting event. Surely his re-election committee will reimburse taxpayers and race fans for all of the trouble and expense this caused? No?

Oh, and whatever still existed of NASCAR’s minority outreach programs, you can forget about that. France made has bed with MAGA and they will all have to lie in it. Good luck with your rapidly diminishing fan base, Brian. (Don’t be confused, the 500 is only one race and it is an outlier.)

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Yeah watching cars move fast in circles going nowhere, the perfect USA metaphor

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Yeah watching cars move fast in circles going nowhere, the perfect USA metaphor

Newsflash for sf2k - car races are held all over the world.

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Engaging with Americans at sporting events is a time honored presidental tradition. But because it's Trump, people will find a reason to hate him for it.

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Meanwhile, Little Mikey is competing with his little dinky toy race cars at a New York sandbox in hopes of capturing some votes, and paying people to show up.

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Trump 2020

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Sanders is a Old Communist Fraud who will never do well in the South.

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You'll never see a president connect with everyday people the way Trump does. The swamp can try, but Trump 2020.

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