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Turkish F1 canceled, replaced by second Austrian GP


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It's going to be another strange year for F1. I'll be really interested to see what happens with the Australian Grand Prix in November. The prime minister says international borders are unlikely to reopen until mid-2022, but is under pressure from all the expat Aussies wanting to return home. But their numbers have been capped each month and they have to quarantine for two weeks at their own expense.

Now what happens with all the F1 drivers and support staff who have to come to Australia to quarantine for at least two weeks before the Nov 21 GP? Will the government let them in and not Aussie citizens still stuck abroad. There was a huge outcry when they did the same thing with the Australian Open tennis in February.

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Well, I guess Hamilton will be winning another one in Australian instead of Turkey.

Hamilton = GOAT!

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Who cares, F1 is a shadow of what it used to be

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You do realize the story says Austria not Australia

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You do realize the story says Austria not Australia

Nice catch! Too funny ...OI OI OI

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