TV networks clash with Beijing Olympic organizers on security, freedom to report


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and can someone tell me again, how much China paid in bribes to actually host the Olypmics this year?

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These Olympics are certainly more interesting than usual, but not for any good reason. China is like a mentally deficient bully heading for a major fall. Its a pity that a generation of Chinese nationals have been so brainwashed that they will defend the worst of Chinese indiscretions. China will fail, and it will be very ugly when it finally happens.

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oh yeah, huge surprise this one

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That's a very negative personal image of China, if you really want an impartial view of China, ask the people of Hong Kong. They have been under the rule of the British and now the Chinese, I think you will see that their view of China and the actual conditions, is not at all that bad as portrayed by people like you and all other anti-china fanatics.. We live in a global community that is well interconnected, and at all levels. Lots of jobs around the world are very dependent on the ongoing stability of China, and thatis also true of jobs in China very dependent on the world as a whole..

I can think of a better example of a mentally deficient bully that is already falling, or put it anoither way, a dork craziliy driving a 10 tonne lorry (or is that truck to you)

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'Lots of jobs around the world are very dependent on the ongoing stability of China, and thatis also true of jobs in China very dependent on the world as a whole."

Actually, despite China's massive economic growth over the last 10 years it is generally accepted that it has been, and continues to be export fueled as China has not quite developed a domestic economy to match. Therefore, the Chinese worker actually relies more on the rest of the world than the other way around. Hong Kong is a special case as we all know and hardly respresents all of Mainland China, before or after the handover. But it is true that great strides in income and living standards hae been made in China, althogh clearly the gap between the haves and have-nots is growing wider, as is the discontent towards the CCP dictatorship. This article shows what anyone with brains could have projected years ago, that China made promises of changing it's authoritarian ways and threw money to get the Olympic nomination, and that they weren't going to come through. Their responmse to the Tibet issue highlighted this. I think it will be another several hundred years before anyone will want to see the Olympics in China again, short of a real change in the government there. But the Olympics so far have been good for China, at least the Beijing public toilets are no longer holes in the ground.

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Ah, MPLS2, part of the China Olympics propaganda task force of bloggers, failing once again in the attempt to project China as a forward, peace-loving society who really aren't shooting monks in the back of the head and locking up journalists and others who speak out against the rampant human rights violations of the repressive government. This generation of brainwashed Chinese are really going to be shocked when their nation is eventually put in its place.

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My city of Toronto lost to Beijing because the previous IOC prez Samarach (sp?) wanted a legacy. Beijing continues to go back on it's committments made in 2001, and by the time the Olympics roll around, the planning stages will be too late as this report suggests.

Athletes are the key. If only a few protest during the games, which is likely, China will go mental.

The issue in giving China the Olympics was to make China more open. I'm afraid the opposite is clearly visible. I don't expect this to be any better than Berlin in the 1930's when the Nazi's were trying to show the world how great they were, only to be outdone by a black athlete USA's Owens.

It's all about the athletes, not the city or the politics so much. History has shown that it's the athletes who win, not a political agenda.

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1936 all over again, chinese fascism.

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MichaelJP ..

I am in no way connected to an beijing or china olympic group .. I see it from an outside perspective .. In fact it is you who seems to be part of the western propoganda against China. Granted that China isn't perfect, and it's strive to be more open and transparent is an ongoing process that takes time.. I am willing to believe that China lies somewhere in between the extremes you state about China and the perfect utopian democracy that even the most democratic country has not acheived yet (can it be acheived?)..

Do you really kmnow what is going on in Tibet or are you regurgitating biased propoganda ?

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Well, should've seen this coming... The IOC must've been high awarding it to Beijing.

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""I am willing to believe that China lies somewhere in between the extremes you state about China and the perfect utopian democracy that even the most democratic country has not acheived yet (can it be acheived?)..""

What makes you think China lies between perfect utopia and what the free western countries think? More likely, China lies between "extremes you state about China" and repressive totalitarian government.

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TV networks may clash now but will embrace Organizers once the games start. Once again, Western media will fail to politicize Beijing Olympics.

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Granted that China isn't perfect, and it's strive to be more open and transparent is an ongoing process that takes time<<<

Hahaha what is that about???

Granted that China wishes it could continue its secretive stance on everything, but can not because of promises it has made but now as a norm trying to back away from.

This is typical China leadership and these facts are reported time and time again of the tightening of all such as internet and news..

This is not new and this is not China trying to open up! give me a break from such nonsense propaganda!!!

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that is funny

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Why? It's true.

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Open and transparent huh????

well let us put this into perspective..

how's this for the typical CCP BS!

From Taipie Times

June 4 vigil actually for quake: CCTV

Chinese state media covered the annual Hong Kong vigil to mark the Tiananmen Square massacre for the first time, but said the event was to mourn victims of the Sichuan earthquake, a report said yesterday.

As ussual.. the typical senerio.. CCP propaganda and backing away from what may expose the truths. These leaders are far from trying to open China, it is the rest of the world that is trying to open China while these leaders are continually trying to keep the door shut to rights and we are talking the BASIC human rights of people.

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Oh, so you're one of those types who believe progress comes from the snap of your fingers eh? China today is far cry from the Mao era, and has seen much improvement since the Deng era.

, it is the rest of the world that is trying to open China

Maybe that's your problem. Maybe Chinese don't want your fingers in their pie, and resent it so. I think Western involvement has done more to hinder China's opening more than help it.

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sure Terrikus.

All one has to do is look at the facts and how and why China is where it is today.

The hunger of power and the giving into certian conditions set by others to get there.. You talk about the people. I am not. I am talking about those that have complete control over the people.. The CCP!!!!

It is people like you that can only wish to convince everyone that the CCP and the people are one of the same..


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Now if these guys where selected and elected by the people then the two could be connected, but not when these guys are self empowered with out the voice of the people they are suppose to be representing as with a free democratic society.. as most of us that post here are from. Then these leaders would represent the views of the people and the will of the people.. This is no way describing China and that is where the seperation of the CCP and the people come into play. So do not try and make my words be about the people. They are not. My words are of the CCP!

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Besides this is about China backing down from promises they have made..

again, the CCP at its finest. As I was saying........

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Maybe these Chinese commenters fear reprisal from the government if the speak the truth. I wonder if they have read Orwell's 1984?

Why does China require all bloggers to be registered? Why is there a national firewall to prevent internet users from freely accessing any site they please? Why are journalists arrested?

Because China is a totalitarian regime.

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Kwaabish, MichaelJP..

Is it the Chinese Government you hate or the people of China ?? Bear in mind one of answer means you are racist..

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MPL I like to comment on that a little. The people are not at fault as for what they believe because of the teachings that the government has laid out for the people to be exposed to throughout life under this regime. Just as any closed society. China’s leaders are still trying to keep the society as isolated as possible just as MichealJP has laid out in his post.

Then there is the nationalism that the CCP has projected into society and I may say,, just for the CCP's own use as a controlling force.

This goes as well with the Olympics.. The Peoples Olympics???? Will HU have his portrait hung on the entrance of the venues??? Of course these are the mindset and thinking of communist leaders today and in the past. Just as Sadam Husien had his portraits hanging thinking he should be worshiped by the peons, under him. China is a resemblance of Nazi Germany and the games fall right in line with this mindset of the leaders of CHina. All a projection of just how powerful we are and thrive for.. This is not the mindset of “ we are a peaceful nation” this is the projection of “we want to be dominate”

All of this projection of power comes along with what we are seeing Beijing backing off the promises they have made about the Olympics just as they have backed off promises when joining the WTO..

I do not hate people that are only ignorant to facts, but will confront them on the issues even if it hurts their feelings. The truth is the truth and if it hurts then that is too bad. This does not mean all should ignore the facts and bring them into the spotlight. Same with the Olympics, China has been awarded them so China must face all that comes with them and that includes ridicule from the promises they are breaking made when the decision was to let them host the Olympics. All have every RIGHT to confront China on these issues, maybe eventually they will see the light and eventually the people that have been so blindly lead by the CCP will understand what problems lie within their government that the rest of us are against.

Also I am not saying that all Chinese, or the majority of Chinese should be categorized as being ignorant to the facts or influenced in such a twisted way that the CCP wishes all could be , but many are and have been influenced in such a way by this government of China and I am certain no one needs to point out the specifics to back this remark. One would just have to look at the crisis the government of China suddenly established within China society last year with the issue of Japan and the backlash the government propaganda caused within China's society against the Japanese.. I guess you see nothing wrong with this and call this the great openness of the CCP for China. These leaders have not changed, and all changes within China has come from pressure and also the leaders of China’s outlook of how to gain the power they have longed for, sacrificing 10 of millions of Chinese trying to get. Still these leaders are using deception and lies to get there as we see with this issue of the Olympics and promised commitments that they are trying to get out of, and no one should let them!!!!!!!!! Or make excuses for them!!!!!!!

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