Two Koreas to discuss Tokyo 2020 joint team with IOC

By Jung Yeon-je

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This is (the usual) unacceptable politicising of the Olympics by Moon. The Tokyo Olympics should be about the Tokyo Olympics, not about Moon putting his unified flag on display.

If they are so serious about unification then go ahead and make peace and bring down the border and unify. But stop all this political manipulation of the Olympics.

If they only plan to unify for the Olympics it should be a firm no.

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Aren’t the South Koreans pretty good at soccer? The players from Pyongyang would probably bring them down.

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We all know, its a ruse by Moon to wind-up the Japanese at their own Olympics with political flag waving. Abe should tell Bach to watch his step.

If the Koreans want unification just get on with it. Make peace, end the war, and no need for these Olympics sideshows.

But I'll bet they are not interested in unification and actually making peace..

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This is a nonsense. Olympics should never be used for politics, which is what the Koreas are trying to do. It is purely about sport. This is purely being done to take the spotlight off Japan, and attempt to have the world focus on Korea “feelgood story”.

Unless you are constitutionally ONE nation, you simply cannot compete under one flag. IOC will never allow it.

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This would be like South Korea teams hijacked by North Koreans.

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The Korea's have "united" when Trump met Kim the first time. In actuality they were working together in moire ways than one while still in a state of war. So this is nothing new.

It is definitely a political move and it is definitely a domestic and international stunt to "unite" the Korean peoples and to be "recognized" as such by the world community.

It is a very open and provocative method. It gets the attention and the emotional connection needed to unite people.

They want to succeed and probably will. On the surface, both face a huge economic and political gap to succeed. But from all indications of actions being taken by both Korea's, they have been very "close" and working together for a very long time.

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Olympics is one event such as the Nobel prize that actually encourages and heightens "nationalism" through sports as they "recognize" that "one country" which the athletes "represent" and cheered on by the people of that country with "pride". Therefore it is a great venue and forum for such declaration and recognition, even if they do not "win" any of the vents.

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