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Two-time Olympic champion Hanyu wins Four Continents


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I don't know how the judging works, but the Chinese athlete put on a near flawless performance but still couldn't get close to this guy who faltered a few times.

He's obviously a top skater but I don't think he deserved it this time.

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Hanyu frequently seems to falter on his free skate routines.

Nathan Chen is on a tear and Hanyu is going to have a tough time beating him.

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Jin Boyang had plenty of mistakes in his free skate, including popping two planned quadruple jumps into doubles. Falling on a fully-rotated quad (like Hanyu did) is still worth at least twice as many points as a mediocre double that properly lands, because the level of difficulty is so much higher. Hanyu had a rough free skate, to be sure, and I agree that I'm iffy on whether his free skate program really was the best, but you also have to remember that Hanyu was already 15 points ahead after the short program where he set the world record.

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Some people needle to:

1) Read the rules'

2) Learn how to watch

3) Failing all that study to become a Judge.

Hanyu took the ice with a 16 point lead!!!!

He could have skated blindfolded and probably still win.

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"Hanyu was already 15 points ahead after the short program where he set the world record."

16 points, not 15.

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He's obviously a top skater but I don't think he deserved it this time.

Didn't watch it, but I do think he was very lucky in getting those two Olympic gold medals. His first one, he was falling all over the place. The second one was due to the debuting Chen being nervous in the short even though he outshone Hanyu in the free. Anyway, all the biggies will meet next month.

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What a flexibiliy those skaters have, if I tried to do that pose with my leg, it wouldnt go back down, lol!

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Well, the wife is happy, so there’s peace in the household. Thank you Hanyu.

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Congrats Hanyu

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Well done, and still proving who's champ. I was under the impression he had retired, but glad he has not.

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Congratulations to Yuzuru Hanyu, Jason Brown, and Yuma Kagiyama.

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