U.S. federal agents investigating Armstrong


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Hope Lance does a good amount of time in court ,in front of cameras, and under oath.

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Armstrong should make public all his illegal interactions with drugs. Let a few molecular biologists and other scientists study him thoroughly and maybe some good can come out of all this. He did turn out some superhuman performances with all his cheating and maybe therein lies the key for medical science to help some people.

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Good. There was a while where it seemed Lance was basically going to get off with simply having his medals stripped and reputation somewhat tainted before making millions on book deals and talk show tours. He engaged in illegal activities, it would seem, and so he should do the time.

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They should throw the book at him so as to be a deterrent to other potential drug cheats.

I dare say the average American guilty of witness intimidation, lying to the feds and obtaining millions of dollars by fraud, which his sponsorship money was, would be lucky to ever see the light of day again.

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I wonder what kind of drugs he will use to endure the long and exhausting hours in court.

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Chances are slim. Most of his statements are past the statute of limitations.

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Hope Lance does a good amount of time in court ,in front of cameras, and under oath

And when he is done I hope he spends some time in an 18X18 room without a view with a 300lb gorilla as a roomate!

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His behavior has been utterly disgraceful.

He seems to care about himself, while throwing others under the bus.

I hope that his sponsors claw back the money they lavished on him, for he bamboozled them all with intent to commit fraud.

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Of course his actions has destroyed professional cycling in general,. No one wants to watch the Tour De Drug in France anymore, or any of the other European cycling events. Sad state of affairs.

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