U.S. heads to Women's World Cup final with 2-0 win over Germany


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I am going to start things out by stating the obvious- Alex Morgan is hot!

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Good job USA. The USA has led the growth in womens soccer (the word 'soccer' said through gritted teeth) over the last two decades. I do hope that the winner of England/Japan goes on to win the tournament rather than the USA, but I dont see it happening as the US is too strong and they would rightly deserve it. Keep doing what you are doing USA and show FIFA that the sport can progress.

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Seems defense is the way to championship. US now unbeaten streak vs. Germany 12 straight matches (7 wins, 5 draws).

US is peaking at the right time - started out lackluster but getting better the deeper in the tournament.

Only Japan can prevent an Anglo-Saxon final, and US likely prefers to meet Japan for revenge.

I am going to start things out by stating the obvious- Alex Morgan is hot!

She has the energy to last

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If I was an American, I would be rooting for an England win as they are the weakest of the 2 remaining semi-finalists. I would rather face the weakest team and maximise the chance of a world cup win than wish for revenge against a Japan which has a more solid team and a better chance (than England) to beat the USA.

From an English perspective - assuming a victory over Japan is possible - I would be hoping the Americans fall into the not-uncommon trap of highly favoured teams taking their foot off the gas because they think its a done deal. In the past, plenty 'weaker' sides have won because a supposedly stronger team assumed they had won before the game started.

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@some07791 your assuming Japan has already won the game, since England are the weaker side, Australia were the weaker side and Japan only just made it past them, underdogs always have a habbit of biting you when you least expect it. Only Japans complacency will lose it for them, and if japan make it to the final the US will be hungry for revenge

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I do actually believe Eng can beat Japan. I made a post on another JT thread stating so. I think Japan are better, but marginally so. I really do think Eng v Japan is game on.

I think Eng v USA is a different proposition. Believe me, I want that England win. But decades of watching the English mens game has taught be to be more objective and realistic. Eng womens team getting to the final would be just awesome.

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As predicted, U.S will meet Japan in the final. However, USWNT will redeem with victory over Japan with no overtime or PK this time around. Germany will win the third place over England.

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U.S. was clearly the better side, and also got the benefit of a couple of "questionable" calls. But, they were the better team. And had the best coaching. Sunday's game -- either against Japan or U.K. should be exciting.

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Go U.S.A ! Germany looked tired but regardless they had a chance to put the U.S. away.

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From personal experience I know its hard to pin down who will take gold, silver and bronze in any football competition. As many commentators here have said, games can turn on a dime and go either way. Word cup history shows it time and again. Usually, I find that those, like yourself, who are so certain, end up being very quiet when their predictions turn out wrong.

Are we going to see you on here accepting that your knowledge of the game isnt quite what you think it is if your predictions are wrong? I will be the first to congratulate you if you hit the nail on the head with all three..

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Anyone know the broadcast time for the final between USA and Japan ;) ?

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3.00pm, July 8th 2019.

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Thanks, Lucabrasi.

Not a done deal!

Hence the ;)

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US through to the finals beating Germany 2 to ZERO... wow!

Japan v England next semi-final, today... Japan have to be favorites?

Team USA: Amazing teeth. Incredible soccer. Wonderful names.

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Well done team USA! Keep improving and leave everything on the field. Let the chips fall where they may.

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The foul for the US penally happened outside the box. Yet, the US I feel deserved their place in the final, a chance to come runners up.

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Way to go, USA ! Now for Nadeshiko to win for the rematch !

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Does anyone know what time the games will be televised in Japan?

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Japan vs England at 8 a.m. Thursday Japan time.

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Those writing England off as weak... they are in the same semi as Japan... they earned their place. Logic dictates that to get that far they have to be a good team... I say that through gritted teeth as a Scot :)

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Good on you for that, Thunderbird.

Too late for me, though. I hope Japan do the biz....

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I would love to see the US play either of them, but I'd prefer we play England since I'd have to root against fewer friends.

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Kudos to the US women, knew they would pull it off!!!

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Kudos to the US women, knew they would pull it off!!!

And bass . . . Wasn't it great for US men's Team beat Deutschland not too long ago as well-

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The faul happened OUTSIDE THE BOX! The American player just landed INSIDE THE BOX!

Anyway, congratulations to themj.

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Way to go US! I was rooting for Germany, honestly speaking, and felt they are the stronger team, so all the more reason for the congrats. Not upset to be wrong. The US definitely deserved this one.

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Japan wins against GB 2-1 with GB ending the game with an own goal!!!!

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