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U.S. women's soccer team eye revenge against Japan in London


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If properly refereed it will be a good game, looking forward to seeing it.

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Sounds like they are in the true Olympic spirit!


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Since someone "baded" me, it seems that I must have failed to make my point.

The most important thing about the Olympics is sportsmanship.

"REVENGE" is out of place.

This should be sports for sports' sake.

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we’re going to do anything we possibly can to get on that podium at the end and receive that gold medal around our necks

I think she just asked the doping testers to be extra vigilant when testing the US team.

“Anything less than a gold probably will be a disappointment for us,” O’Reilly said. “That’s just the standards that have been made for the women’s national team and we think that’s a privilege to play under those standards, so one game at a time and we think that we’ll get there.”

When so-called sportsmen/sportswomen make hubristic statements like this, it makes me hope they will be very disappointed (as in, no medal at all) and that the gold, silver and bronze all go to people with more better sportsmanship, who realise that simply making it to the Olympics is a huge privilege and who will be genuinely thrilled to have done well.

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“We want nothing more than a gold medal and we’re going to do anything we possibly can to get on that podium at the end and receive that gold medal around our necks,” U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd said at the U.S. Olympic Media Summit on Tuesday.

Victory or nothing... yep, that's the spirit of the games. "It's not whether you win or lose. It's how you play the game?"

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Well, I like what Lloyd said about the Japan team.

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If you really read what the ladies were saying, I think they're all really showing true sportsmanship. I bet the ladies meant that they were going to pour all their hearts out to try and win the gold medal. But, they will play fair and square to try and win it all. I don't think there's nothing wrong with that. I base my assumptions on the respects they have of the Japanese team, which are still lower in rank than the US. They could have easily said something uncalled for. Look at what they're saying and you'll realize the character of these players. To be able to respect your opponent shows sportsmanship. As for "revenge," poor choice of word made by the writer of the article. Not really fair to place blame on the American soccer players since I doubt they said they wanted revenge.

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Nobody should forget also that Brazil will be looking forward to playing against USA, as USA eliminated them in the World Cup Quarter-finals, last year, in Germany, in the Penaty Kicks. I want to see Japan X Brazil in the London Olympics Final.

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Hahaha.......... lotsa loser talk here.

There's a reason Jordan won 6 rings or Brazil won 5 Men's World Cups! (Or the US Women's are 2-time defending Olympics champions.)

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Hasn't Japan won the last two meetings? Why is the US still ranked higher?

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Because the rankings take into account past matches in years past, but Japan hasn't done that well in those past years. And they tied in their last match.

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