UEFA members say 'impossible' to have summer 2022 World Cup


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Michel Platini voted for the Qatar World Cup? This is an ex-pro, an all-time great on the pitch and not some stuffed shirt. A man who played the game so beautifully should have had more respect for football and made sure it is the best possible experience for everyone who enjoys the game. I'm not sure if he's corrupt, a stooge or plain stupid. I'd say the last of those choices is the least probable.

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Michel Platini; Corrupt? No A stooge? Yes Plain stupid? Yes, yes, yes.

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This kind of precedent will affect other games as well. If Japan suffers the same kind of heat as it has this year and in 2007 there is no way people won't suffer during 2020. These are some of the things you have to think about when hosting games that occur in summer before choices are made as to whom can host events. Change the time of the year, or give them to someone else.

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Platini should step down as Uefa president. He was a great player but is not able to be a great president.

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