UFC star Conor McGregor charged with 6 driving offenses


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I know how he feels.

Years ago, I was driving to work around 7am, in very heavy traffic on a residential street. All the fishes swimming the same direction, then there were blue lights, so I pulled down a road, just far enough to let the cop also park safely on the same road. I was driving with all the other cars in the same direction ... almost like a parade because the traffic was that heavy. The cop comes to the window and starts listing a bunch of things as offenses. When he was done, I had 4 tickets - none for driving offenses.

Things like "not properly displaying registration sticker" - I had a license plate holder that covered 25% of the sticker, but it was still easily read. I had my license and insurance and the vehicle lights were in all working order. I hadn't failed to signal or stop and wasn't speeding.

On the ticket was the court date about 2 months later. I had to take half a day off from work for court. I was an hourly employee, so that was money out of my pocket. I was fairly well paid, so that half day was a car payment for most people.

Got to court, paid for parking (more money gone), and went to the assigned room with all the other evil doers ... you know traffic court. I worked my way up to the ADA - assistant district attorney - who looked over the charges. She said it appeared that the cop was having a bad day. She asked if I'd handled all the charges, which I had and brought photographs as proof. All where piddly. She said that I had to talk the the judge, but that she would recommend dropping all charges.

Got the the judge who asked if I had anything to say before she ruled, "No mam", then she looked at the recommendation and said that the ADA had taken care of me nicely and that I could leave. No court costs. No fines, Nada.

The cop was in the room and very unhappy. I got out of there, with a smile.

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The cop was in the room and very unhappy.

That's because he also had to show up there, only for all charges to be dropped, and likely leading to a talking-to from the ADA and the judge for wasting their time. His fault for being petty - he could had just let you go with a warning and no paperwork for anybody

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