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Japan blitz Philippines 121-0 in Five Nations rugby


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woop-de-doo. may as well have beaten Timbuktu

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What are typical scores in rugby? The result sounds extraordinary.

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If you're familiar with American football, it's about the same. Converted try in rugby is 7 points, touchdown plus extra point is 7. Penalty kick in rugby is 3 points, field goal is 3 points. So, it's pretty similar. 121-0 is a thrashing. Back in 1995, during the world cup, New Zealand defeated Japan 145-17 which at the time was a world record.

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Great advertisement for Rugby. NOT! Seriously - a third-string Kiwi side wouldve put 250 unanswered points on the philippine team.

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Damn - regardless of who played, that was a straight up slaughter bowl. Surprised if the goal posts were torn down after that game by the winning team's fans.

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Eddie could be better off putting these young guns in club sides in Australia and New Zealand during the northern off season

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There are alot of things a Rugby side can work on during such a lop sided game in lieu of continuing to hammer their opponents into oblivion. How about turning the attack into a real live situation training run where you try completely new moves. Try keeping the ball alive through the forwards instead of throwing it out wide to the speed machines who will score each time they touch the ball. Try kicking the ball back to the opposition and work more on your defensive patterns.......even try to get the opposition into your own 1/4 to work on your under pressure defense (miss a tackle and they will score). Just a thought. One of the best coaches I ever had growing up (who ended up becoming one of the best professional league coaches) told us that there was no thrill in embarrassing your opponents on new things and work on your weaknesses in such a situation (example may be to only tackle with your weaker shoulder).

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