United, Chelsea draw 0-0 in Premier League


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A disappointing goalless draw, but today was a game won by the center back pairings. Ferdinand-Vidic and Terry-Cahill were solid today.

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Easy to see these two coaches disdain for attacking football by leaving their most creative players (Kagawa and Mata) on the bench. Hence the borefest.

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You were bored with this match? Why, because it ended nil-nil? Did you even watch it?

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You were bored with this match? Why, because it ended nil-nil? Did you even watch it?

Yeah, I set my alarm and got up and watched it on J-Sports with a couple of beers (made it bearable). It was boring because there were hardly any chances and neither team tried hard enough to win it. Chelsea even started without a striker until Torres came on. I would have loved to see what Lukaku could have done up there, even Torres from the start who still gives Vidic nightmares. As for United they're so stale its unbelievable. Is there one top club in European football who have made NO major signings at all this summer?

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Jose hasn't changed one bit and Moyes is as conservative as ever. Looks like City and Arsenal will be the sides to entertain this season. That was pretty dire.

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Good result for the other teams in the Prem even at this early stage. With Citeh and Arsenal having already lost one game and this draw, none of the favourites have made perfect starts=good.

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Mourinho's decision to leave Lukaku on the bench was very bad for my Fantasy Premier Team.

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Playing the game on a Monday night was a bad money making idea.Games on Sat and Sun,why on Monday?The weekend was over and people have lives to live outside of football.I watched but thankfully not live.Woulda spoilt my day giving up my sleep for that weak game.

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The game was played on a Bank Holiday and no doubt generated the money which seems to be the main thing to most people these days.

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the MOST exciting league in the world... almost as bad as watching my NUFC play West Ham on saturday..

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