Man United fans storm stadium, forcing game to be called off


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The Glazers, who also own the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have declined to engage with fans or media since buying United in 2005.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville, who was inside Old Trafford preparing to commentate on the game for Sky Sports, called on the Glazers to put the club up for sale.

“There’s huge discontent, not just across Manchester United fans, but I think for football fans up and down the country and I think they are just saying enough is enough,” Neville said. “The Glazer family have been resilient and stubborn for many, many years. I think they are struggling to meet the financial demands that this club needs and have done for some time.

“This stadium, if you go behind the scenes, is rusty and rotting. The training ground is probably not even in the top five in this country."

This part sums it all about the Glazers. You can ask any Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans from before the awarding of the last Super Bowl in Tampa and before the signing of Tom Brady, and those fans would tell you about how despicable the Glazers are as owners. They are cheapskates and being despicably greedy people with no iota of genuine respect for the best traditions of sports. If they think people will let them off the hook when they live in their ivory tower and grab money from the masses without a response, they are mistaken.

After the mess that was the ESL, I only hope that the British government will push towards a legislation that requires 50%+1 of the shares of the club to belong to season ticket holders like in Germany. Football is the people's game, and fans are right to demand respect.

Bar a few idiots going overboard, the protest was necessary to bring worldwide attention upon the real problem at Manchester United and in other football clubs. I'm glad that the game was postponed to show how much power fans still have over clubs. The Glazers deserve to be humiliated as they are today. #GlazersOut

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A load of cockney glory hunters complaining about football losing its soul?

Even before the Glazers United were a corporate entity with prawn sandwich eating fans.

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Thugs like these need to be dealt with by a dedicated squad of properly armed and protected riot police which the UK doesn't have. The French are far better at this.

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@zichi of course I know that.

I guess you're not familiar with the chant "you just a bunch of cockneys' directed at man u away fans. (Or at least it was in the 1990's ) maybe things are different now,

Anyway I know more about the j-league nowadays that the premier league so maybe I should be ignored.

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A load of cockney glory hunters complaining about football losing its soul?

Even before the Glazers United were a corporate entity with prawn sandwich eating fans.

They’ve always had that at least as long as I’ve been watching them. That said, they’ve also had a hardcore of real supporters. I can remember Everton beating them at Goodison in the the late 80s and the Man U fans staying to the end abusing Alex Ferguson.

Roy Keane’s prawn sandwich quote was about Old Trafford sounding like a library if they weren’t hitting the heights.

So, this was a clear and powerful message from Man U supporters. Are there any billionaires out there who can match City’s sheiks?

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Domestic terrorism.

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its man u who are the noisy neighbours now. lot of noise, generally little substance though to be fair they seem to be doing great in the PL this season.

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Hooligans gonna hooligan.

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That’s what you get for selling a footy team to an American.

also, please don’t copy and paste large chunks of the story. We read it the first time.

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How can people get so passionate about a ball being kicked around. Stop. Just kidding

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Even before the Glazers United were a corporate entity with prawn sandwich eating fans.

Chelsea opened a sushi bar in their ground

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If you need the buzz get a beehive.

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As the Japanese aptly call them in their Katakana JEnglish, "Fool-rigans".

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The fans have made quite an impact on corporate greed this last week.

Good on them.

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Manchis Again Going Argh! Love those red T-shirts. MAGA

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Saw this earlier today. Enjoy ‘sports’ but sadly, never had the pleasure of ‘witnessing’ European football.

*- “Domestic terrorism it was not.”*

Thank you @zichi 10:57am for diffusing that:

- “It was a protest with a small number going too far.”

and bringing the conversation back to reality...-

- “The crowd was only dispersed after baton-wielding police and officers on horseback charged fans as clashes erupted under a shower of flying glass bottles about 20 minutes before the game was due to have started.

... and what we imagine is “an isolated event”.

- “Two police officers were injured and one required emergency treatment for a “significant slash wound to his face” after being attacked with a bottle, the Manchester force said.” -

Yet, are some posters more titillated by the violence ‘off the field’ than ‘inspired by the athletic competition?”

- @7:29pm - “The fans have made quite an impact on corporate greed this last week. Good on them.”

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Your reaction to Toasted Heretic’s point is an uninformed and hysterical one. If you knew anything about what has been going on in England this ‘past week’ you’d know that the reaction to corporate greed has taken many forms - online petitions, banners on stadiums etc. as well as the scenes yesterday.

Very emotional reaction. Not very well thought out or researched.

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So you're OK with greedy b*stards taking money out of the football club? Thank you very much for showing how much BS you're consuming on top of showing zero understanding about what the football club is all about. Most top pundits who cover the Premier League have shown a far better understanding of the situation than anyone from the outside writing stuff to promote a negative agenda against the fans.

This is not just a Manchester United thing. It also happened at Arsenal, at Chelsea, at Tottenham and at Liverpool. The reason why it has gotten this bad at Manchester United is because of everything the Glazers have done in the last 16 years.

Here are the facts:

1) Glazers bought the club with a loan;

2) Transferred the debt of the loan to the club;

3) Have put £0 of their own money into the club;

4) All transfers have come from club revenue;

5) The Glazers have taken over £1 billion from the club to pay interests, debt and dividends.

If that is not enough for you to show an iota of understanding as to why fans are angry, then don't bother replying. Tell me how you would feel if a foreign owner of your favorite J-League club bought the club on a loan, puts the debt of that loan upon the club, and then take the money out of the club to pay debt and dividends when that money should be invested to improve the team and the facilities.

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