United flop again; Dortmund rediscover old fire in Champions League


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Ah well, out of the two domestic cups and looking dodgy in the CL but at least they can now focus on winning the league like City and Arsenal.

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Shocking stuff from United and a new low for Moyes.

So 20-odd years of consecutive CL qualification and a period during which they won it twice, all to come to an end in the return leg.

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And so this seasons nightmare continues.

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Moyes carries on destroying United with his unimaginative tactics and uninspiring leadership. The performance was dismal and his post match comments were the typica rubbish he always spouts. Before the match he was going on about how he thinks they can win the CL. Deluded, out of his depth and mediocre. glazers should get rid of him before the end of the season (United will never win anything or even qualify for CL this season) and get a proper manager. So many would be better. Guus Hiddink? Give Beckham some kind of role. I would even prefer Martin O'Neill....... Or some European like Juup Heynkes or Frank De Boer.....

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This analysis/commentary sums things up pretty well, but I'm sure falseflagsteve will tell us that my agreement with Bate can be chalked up to my being just a glory hunter, fair weather fan, etc. Somehow, caring enough about your club to criticize it is something a hometown supporter shouldn't do/never does....

Moyes out.

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USIn Japan

How does someone agreeing with a commentator stop them being a glory hunter who supports a team only because they have won a lot recently ?

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