Unvaccinated Novak Djokovic pulls out of Montreal tournament


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Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

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But the consequences are that he doesn’t play in the US Open.

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To be brutally honest. It's the US Open and scientific credibility of the USA border policies that loses here.

Discrimination on medial choices is never an answer.

At first people screamed at him for not being vaccinated and therefore being a treat to other around him. (remember when breakthrough infections were touted as 'rare)

Now the same proponents are screaming that vaccinations were never mean't to stop transmission and were never said to have been meant to.

Then why the mandates I ask?

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A man of integrity! Not many of those around these days!

Being that the vaccines don't even work on the current strains it is hard to believe these stupid rules are for any other reason than to help Pfizers bottom line!

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Get the jab, or stay home and miss out on the final Major of '22.

It's that simple.

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I'm not antivax or anything, but my position all along has been that coercive vaccination policies are an absolutely terrible idea. But please don't take my word for it, you can read a proper study on this published recently in the British Medical Journal (very reputable) by some of the worlds top epidemiologists from some of the most prestigious institutions (Johns Hopkins/Harvard medical school/Oxford uni etc.) who completely agree with me.

You can read the article here - it is full open access. I strongly recommend the vaccine mandate hawks and the like to read it and maybe learn something. It is absolutely scathing of these policies and recommends that we return to non-discriminatory, trust-based public health approaches:

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Even unvaccinated star Major League Baseball players aren't allowed into Canada whenever US teams play the Toronto team

So the rule is being applied to everybody

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