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Iran suspended after pressuring judo fighter not to face Israeli in Tokyo


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Seems like to good decision. Keep govts out of International sporting.

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Good to see people standing up the usual hateful anti-Semitism from Muslim nation’s.

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cla68: "Good to see people standing up the usual hateful anti-Semitism from Muslim nation’s."

Not saying that the person or people who pressured him are NOT anti-Semitic, but you guys through around that term for anything and everyone who simply disagrees with Israel. I don't agree with them testing out chemical weapons on Palestinian civilians, but I am most certainly NOT anti-Semitic.

Anyway, that said, it was a good decision here. The pettiness of Iran on this is terrible.

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Petty move by Iran. It’s better than trying to cheat, but only marginally.

Sport should be the one place where we try to drop all prejudice and meet together as humans.

it’s sad.

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Fundamentalist muslim goverments are the same as fundamentalist pseudo-christian republicans from Trumpland, same ****..

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The International Judo Federation (IJF) knew Iran was ordering its players to throw matches to avoid playing Israelis for years and was therefore negligent for not suspending Iran years ago. The IJF could no longer choose to sweep this issue under the rug because the Iranian judoka, Saeid Mollaei, begged them for help concerning his being forced to throw matches. While it’s good that the IJF took this action against Iran, it’s regrettable that they chose to ignore this issue for so long.

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