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UK sports minister calls in soccer bodies over racism

By Simon Evans

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This is all well and good, screaming abuse at people in their place of work is not a good look.

But by far the more serious issue the FA should be dealing with is why, among the managers and coaches who get make a living from the game after they retire, the proportion of non-white people is far, far smaller than the proportion of those who actually play the game.

It is interesting, as an example, to compare the managerial careers of Sol Campbell and Joey Barton.

Campbell, now manger of League Two club Macclesfield Town, is one of the league's very few black managers (head coaches). He is one of England's greatest players and represented the national team more than seventy times across six major tournaments. Despite being one of the best players of his generation, he still had to wait nearly eight years for his first chance at a head coaching post, which he took up last year after retiring in around 2010-11 I think.

Then there is Joey Barton. Barton is best known for stubbing a cigar out in a teammates eye. He once assaulted at least three members of the opposition, causing his team to go a man down and lose on the final day of the season.

Barton retired last year and walked straight into a League One head coach's post.

Not very scientific to compare only two individuals, but the lack of black managers tells its own tale.

Generally, I dislike the phrase "white privilege". It implies all white people live blessed lives and don't have issues to deal with. As such, it is a phrase I tend to avoid. That said, can you imagine a black footballer with the cigar-stubbing incident on his resume walking into a coaching post? Well indeed.

Not sure about the FA's priorities here.

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Soccer is the arena for frustrated people to pass the hate of themselves to the others, ideally different.

I used to enjoy watching soccer games live, that was 40 years ago.

30 years ago I went back to watch a junior game with my 10 years old nephew playing, it was just too horrible.

Now my young daughter is playing, this is enjoyable again... Hopefully it will remain in the female leagues.

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It's always strange to me that these people get all racist at these players, when 9 times out of 10, it's the black players that bring home the championships. I wish black people could form their own private clubs. Whites would be virtually titleless. I understand why people despise black athletes--they're the best in the world in every sport they participate in.

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