WADA bans Russia from Olympics for four years for doping

By Brian Homewood and Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber

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Their athletes should be banned en masse as well, and not allowed to compete under neutral colors. Their govenments' anti-doping agency conspired with state security organs to subvert protocols and undermine international standards. Ban them for a decade, not 4 years.

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Good! Next up: the Chinese swimmer.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Russia is not in the good books of the West. So any old rubbish (they turn a blind to wrongdoings to those in favour) any mud they can find to ostracise and discredit.

-6 ( +0 / -6 )

This is sad. I wish the Russians could compete proudly under their National colours.

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You just know that the decision will be overturned and they'll be competing in Tokyo in some form or other.Authorities nowadays don't have the gumption to follow these decisions through. They'll walk it back.And this clean athletes can compete is wimpish.You ban none or all.Trying to not be the bad guy with this so-called clean idea.

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Russia is not in the good books of the West. So any old rubbish (they turn a blind to wrongdoings to those in favour) any mud they can find to ostracise and discredit.

'Any old rubbish' meaning a proven, continued state-sponsored program of doping, starting with 643 positive tests in 2015 and continuing to this day. Ivan should be pleased to get off so lightly; it looks like the few clean athletes they have will be able to participate in the Olympics under a neutral flag and also play in the soccer Euros next summer. They are the filth of sport and should have been completely ostracized from everything until they stop cheating.

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This isn't the first time for the Russians, just they got caught again. This is sad to punish an entire team of athletes that had nothing to do with being doped up.

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Putin can't visit the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics and have a nice chat about the Kurils with Abe as Abe has envisioned.

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Seriously, they get caught so much, you'd think that they'd become better at it.

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Started with winter Olympics Vancouver Canada. Russian team barely won medals; Putin mad. Next Olympics Russian team did good. Doping. Cheating.

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Russia doping agency should just come clean. Even the athletes committee votes for them to be banned

All this d**king around is just costing them sports tournaments - and now they can't even host WADA-backed events on their home soil. Trolling in the internet ain't gonna change that

Clean Russian athletes should benefit, but the institution should not

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Just like the good old cold war days, where the men were men, and the women were men too!

Now a days doping isnt so obvious, and sadly the Russian authorities continue to cheat rather than train their athletes the right way!

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Don't forget the Japanese goal: to be the number one in 2020 Olympics.

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The rules are the rules. They need to be consistently applied to all, regardless of country.

How many other countries are under suspicion of widespread doping?

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