Coughing fit sees player quit Australian Open qualifying

By Ian Ransom

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so she almost died but money talks

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The only correct thing to do is to cancel the Australian open and for the sponsors to donate the money for this seasons event to aid the recovery of people, animals and nature.

in the past large sports events have mad similar gestures.

Thjs would give the sponsors a more positive image then continuing the Open and would thus be money well spent.

the tennis federations , organisors, but also tv, other media, and the players should be ashamed to go ahead with this while people and millions of animals are burning.

For the players , the loss of appearance and winning fees are survivable.

But there are no more moral or ethical values in professional sport. All sponsorship and price money’s and appearance fees should go to recovery efforts. But it is up mostly to the Australian public to impose this if organisers and players don’t have the humanitarian reflex.


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Heres an idea. DO IT INDOORS!

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