8 England players return home from India; Australians to wait in Maldives or Sri Lanka

By Amlan Chakraborty

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Hours after the lucrative cricket league was suspended on Tuesday because of India's COVID-19 crisis, the English members of the Delhi Capitals squad rushed to Delhi from Ahmedabad to catch a flight to Heathrow.

Stable doors closing and horses bolting, all too late to prevent the role that the IPL has played in helping to spread the coronavirus in India. I don't necessarily blame the players, they would have been obliged to meet the terms of their (extremely well-paid) contracts, but the organisers and the money merchants who run the clubs are a different matter.

"The public will see our best Australian cricketers as almost superheroes ... but they are human beings," the chief executive of the Australian Cricketers' Association said.

Superheroes? Of the minority of Australians who have any interest in cricket, only a minuscule proportion of those have any interest whatsoever in the Indian Premier League, a domestic $$$-fest that receives virtually zero coverage in Australia, and a competition where the obscene amounts of money involved certainly helped to keep the IPL going on way beyond the point where it was safe or sane given India's current Covid crisis.

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"Of the minority of Australians who have any interest in cricket"

Agree with everything else you wrote but I thought cricket is the most popular sport in Australia. Or does that honor go to Australian Rules Football?

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In the summer, cricket is number one.

In the winter, it’s the AFL

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EvilBuddha, fair question, I’m really applying the term “minority “ literally rather than just to that proportion of the Aust public interested in sport. I do believe however that the number of Australian cricket fans who regard their players in a heroic light has declined as the game has become commodified, a process of which the IPL and the BBL are the latest manifestations, which is why this guy’s comment got up my nose a little. Test cricket, especially against England and also against India and South Africa, is still where “superheroes” are made, but then as an Indian (I hope that’s correct) you don’t need me to tell you that.

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