Federer faces ID crisis in switch from Nike to Uniqlo

By Pritha Sarkar

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I am really happy to hear this! Uniqlo is now more popular than Nike! Good for them, and greatest player of all time Federer. its a great shop.

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Uniqlo want a more recognisable face than Nishikori?

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"Identity crisis"????  Surely some hyperbole????

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Roger Federer is a great player, has excellent management, and he is as close to perfect as any brand Ambassador can be.

Uniqlo already got their money’s worth. And he will get a deal with Nike on shoes and the RF sub brand. Nike is in check mate position, if they are clever and not emotional, they will just take the shoe/rf deal. Mr Federer will only play this and maybe next season anyway

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Uniqlo is now more popular than Nike!

In what universe?

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I'd wear Uniqlo 24/7 for $30 million a year. Come to think of it, I'd even do it for $10 million!

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Nike's logo is not a "swish." It's a "swoosh." Always has been.

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Don't allow yourself to be USED as a human billboard. Show some BACKBONE.

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Capitalism at its worst.

I have never and will never understand why people would want to buy something becsuse some star is promoting it. I have never and will never.

Meanwhile the average taro and hanako making less than 2million yen a year are the ones flooding uniqlo to part with their litle hard earned cash.

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