Japanese swimmer Ikee named Asian Games MVP for winning 6 golds


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Good on her, and well deserved. But please, people... don't start counting the Olympic gold medals yet. Just cheer the young woman on, hope she does her best (and don't be "disappointed" if she doesn't gold on the world stage... ahem... ganbare japan), and let her enjoy it a little. That said, Japan is showing more promise in a wider range of athletics than it has in a while, and most of the athletes are pretty young. There's winter, too.

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No pressure then for 2020.

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Well done. Absolutely unbelievable performance.

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A new kid on the block, probably the next Asian breakthrough in global swimming..

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Feel proud at Rikako IKEE's achievement She is a promising champion swimmer of Asia.

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Simply unbelievable! Omedettoh, Rikako-chan! For me she is now the best Japanese athlete of all times, along with Kitajima Kousuke. And she is still only a child!

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