Hawks' Yanagita ends Japan Series Game 5 thriller with knockout blow


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Won't be surprised if Hawks win it all because they always do and Hiroshima always chokes in big games.

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@DaDude i think the 12-inning Game 1 draw took some of the wind out of Hiroshima's sails. it isn't so much that they're choking but, they needed that homefield advantage to motivate them. the Hawk's, on the other hand, got everything they wanted. they fought the Carp to a stand still in the opener and have been defending they're turf since returning to Kyushu. to their credit, Hiroshima's loyal following have been very full-throated in their support. how do i know? i live 20 minutes away from the YafuOku Dome on foot. LOL.

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Cool! I think this could be a make-or-break season for Hiroshima. If they lose, they may lose their best player Maru to free agency and their coach Ogata could quite possibly step down for failing to win/enter the Japan Series for 3 straight years. Hiroshima's demise is perfectly fine for me as a Tigers fan lol

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