Buffaloes beat Tigers 5-1 to send Japan Series to Game 7


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Tigers fans: "WE LOSE WE RIOT!"

Buffaloes fans: "We lose we return to our homes with civilized decorum."

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Last night was old fashioned baseball with the stud pitcher going the distance and his manager having the confidence in him to let him pitch out of danger, while also throwing 132 pitches. There is no chance in hell that next year if Yamamoto is posted to MLB that he would ever be given that chance. MLB baseball has become a farce, with pitchers only pitching 4-5 innings. If I were a major league team, I'd sing a bunch of 4-5 position starters and pitch them three innings each, only paying them a few million a year. Why would you pay a pitcher 30 million if he can only pitch for a few innings once every 5 days!

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It's been a great Subway Series. Both teams have delivered. It all comes down to tonight.

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Game 7 has to be the Tigers! Otherwise it's really going to be disappointingly hurtful for whole Osaka and Hanshin fans.

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Have you ever been to the Osaka / Kobe area?

Your comment is quite bizarre.

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The best final series goes to 7. Hoping the Tigers win. This is a better series than we had in the US.

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Going to game 7 is what the sponsors, broadcasters and dare I say most fans wanted.

Great series - wishing the Buffaloes and Tigers great success in the grand final!

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Have you ever been to the Osaka / Kobe area? 

Yes. I like the latter. Not so much the former.

Your comment is quite bizarre.

Last time the Tigers were in a Japan series, ol' Chucky Chicken ended up in the Dotonbori. And that was when they won!

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The Colonel will always have a last laugh

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