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JABF announces independent body to investigate boxing chief Yamane


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Yup, another internal investigation. I'm sure it will yield fascinating results.

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I borrowed my granddaughter's bank account for a few months, because I don't have an account I could use. None of the money came to me.

A likely story. How does he receive his salary and pension without a bank account? This guy is a classic crook, fixing matches in league with gangsters in order to profit from illegal betting.

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When this guy's yakuza-like barking and bragging about gifts and his charisma brought no results he started whining like a puppy.

I personally think that ojisans talking about themselves in the 3d person like he does 'Yamane wa rekishi ga aru otoko da!' etc really lost connection with reality and live in their imaginary world where they do whatever they please.

He finally is getting a reality check. I hope Japan gets away with more of these ojisan and ossan bunka in general that stifles the whole country.

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I hear UKIP are looking for a new leader.

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This person is a great sample of the relics still in place with power and I find it very positive that Japan is exposing them and tearing them apart (which will happen to him soon).

Similar personalities in the school business, insurance and real estate hopefully get instinct too.

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Independent with subservient ties to the accused. Useless.

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