Amateur boxing federation chief resigns over allegations of misconduct


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78...couldn't organise his own retirement, but could organise the corruption and his own sense of entitlement. A pig of a man and a snap shot of all that's wrong in Japan.

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Good riddance!

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Saw him on TV this morning. He acts like a thug and gangster. Good riddance.

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Every single sports organization in Japan that I've ever been a member of or close enough to is corrupt in one way or another. Those that start these sports ventures take total control over the organization and milk its members dry. They throw up rules and they even start a system of testing and ranking. Every test costs money to take. All to often the items used in said sport needed to be purchased through the governing body. I've seen rules changed where they became local rules which banned items above a certain weight. Then the governing body signed a contract with the supplier where they could be the only people to have license to import the sports items we needed. I've seen embezzlement from 3 out of 5 organizations, one where the bank account was totally drained. Japan is an extremely frustrating place to play organized sports because they totally take the fun out of it with rules, fees, and overall rigidness.

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About time!

Been all over the news in Kansai after a Nara fighter won on points despite going to the canvas twice.

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Took him long enough. He's been giving some bizarre interviews on morning TV.

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@ schopenhauer

Why do you think Yamane is one of the "old school" Japanese? He's given no indication he is going to commit harakiri, but come to think of it, if he's only in it for the money, that's not a modern Japanese trait, either.

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Fraud, corruption, organized crime links, intimidation, match fixing, thuggery: just another day in Japan. It's endless and will remain so until they start throwing these crooks in jail.

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I hope they reform the whole organization,too, because where else-but in Japan-have you seen a 'life-time president of a Boxing federation' ? (that's how his title translates)

Times change, even 'life-time presidents' can't go unpunished for what they do.

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"This is not a step forward at all. Since our aim is to change the organization itself, there's no meaning if he remains at the top." tells everything. He stated for his resignation but I saw in one of tv channel he will suit JABF. Unclear point...(?)

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They should look into all the cases where a fighter from Nara won, and strip them of the prizes if there is a suspicion they won because of this clown.

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(quote) "I, YAMANE Akira am a Historical Man!"

It has been reported elsewhere that he came to Japan at 10 years of age (from Korea). Although uneducated, he was able to achieve a successful position. Will his son be accepted as his replacement? We shall see...

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Nepotism never ends well, look at the LDP. I hope his son makes his own way and Leeds a happy and productive life without resort to extortion, or using the residue his father leaves behind.

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"In the end, the board of directors left the decision up to me as the president, so I went home and consulted with my wife. She told me I should take care of my troubles now, so I made the decision (to resign)," Yamane said.

Most women hold the strings and power in the household.

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No.... I'm American and Schopenhauer has a point.... he's being accurate but sarcastic at the same time. He sees Donald Trump as President of the USA and we all know Donny boy has the makings of a Mafia Boss or Dictator. He's probably frustrated with the U.S. President and is using this guy as a similar example. He does have a point. It is just that his point is carrying over into something we see as totally unrelated.

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He is a self built man. He did not go to school. He does not speak nice but he has an air of overwhelming others. He is an "oyabun." I thought Americans liked a person like him.

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I like this man. This guy has some virtue today's Japanese men lost. He is a true man.

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