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Further sumo infections could mean tournament cancellation


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What is the point of wrestling if lots of them are sidelined ?

And I would recommend them to think about lasting effects of Covid...

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It seems to me that the sumo association holds too many events aside from the six regular tournaments. They travel for events across the country throughout year, quite continuously. No wonder if many wrestlers including high-ranking ones get easily injured and skip the tournament.

Regardless of the virus crisis, it may be good time to think about scaling down the whole business while maintaining basic tradition and profits. Though it's a bad comparison, the NFL holds a very few number of annual games yet earns a lot among professional sport organizations.

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Utter stupidity to let this tournament go ahead with total disregard for the wrestlers who don’t have a real choice as , if they do opt out will be demoted and blamed.

If even one of them gets infected because of this tournament, the management of the JSA should be held criminally liable.

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65 infections including a Yokozuna and 15 wrestlers from Makuuchi and Juryo is more than enough reason to call-off the Hatsu-Basho.

Furthermore, almost 85 wrestlers will be sitting out of the tournament, what other indicator or threshold is JSA waiting for in order to call-off the tournament?

After all, sumo is a full body contact sport and the risks of infections cannot be over emphasized.

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Well, you see, that’s the problem with the JSA and people putting profits first; it’s not, “The tournament could be cancelled if people continue to get infected,” but, “If the tournament is not cancelled people could continue to be infected.”

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Men semi naked grappling one another in a sweaty, hi energy manner. What could go wrong?

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Kakuryu is taking advantage of the special right given to Yokozuna - they are not demoted even if they are absent from the tournament. 

Kakuryu and Hakuho were both warned for skipping too many tournaments and they risk withdrawal of the special Yokozuna privilege, especially Kakuryu.

Kakuryu has promised to do his best in the next tournament and defend the 'yokozuna spirit' or resign from sumo.

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Further sumo infections could mean tournament cancellation

Wait, you mean 65 infections isn’t enough?? Are they insane?

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If the tournament is canceled, then what will it portend for the impending Olympics?

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Slow learners.

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Absence of two Yokozuna is very disappointing. Kakuryu is taking advantage of the special right given to yokozuna - they are not demoted even if they are absent from the tournament. (Hakuho is a rightful absence infected by COVID-19. Kakuryu for his injuries which is too often).

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