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Sapporo's chances of landing 2030 Winter Olympics fading: sources


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This is great news for everybody in Japan except those corrupt officials hoping to pocket money from this boondoggle. In this case "defeat" will truly be victory. People in Boston in the USA all but rejoiced when that city's bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics was dropped due to strong opposition. People there knew that a disaster had been avoided.

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They really learn from Tokyo Olympics, no need to spend retire age behind bar or suspended sentence.


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widespread bribery and bid-rigging scandals related to the Tokyo Games have eroded support for another Olympics in the country, 

There has to be a time when bribery and corruption need to take a rest

> Yasuhiro Yamashita, president of the Japanese Olympic Committee, has said he will hold talks with Sapporo on the city's bid plans, including the option of pushing back the target year from 2030 to 2034.

Ten years should be enough in which time the public will have forgotten (they hope)

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SADLY, Glad to hear that.

After the disgusting Tokyo Olympics SCANDLES and rip offs Japan and the IOC need to clean houses first and show the world that upholding the spirits of the games and honoring the Athletes is what the games are all about, NOT $$ Profiting and Scamming. I hope that IOC will be DISMANTELLED someday and a new NONPROFIT Athletes managed committee is formed.

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SADLY, Glad to hear that.

Should be happy to hear this! No saddness what so ever! Japan can hardly afford to take of it's own aging population, and support the younger generation either.

Wasting money on an event that WILL further burden everyone is foolish at best!

Use the money to take care of those HERE!

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I don’t want to pay for another waist of money.

Besides let some other countries consume some self generated pride as well on their own money.

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I thought no one wanted the Winter Olympics these days. It can work but much more scaled down. So lots of new facilities, which will hardly be used after the competition is over, don't need to be built.

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Sapporo's chances of hosting the 2030 Winter Olympics are fading amid a drop in public support in Japan, sources close to the matter told Kyodo News on Friday.

Public support dropping didn't matter previously so I am still doubtful the Sapporo Olympics or other big events using Japan as a host are dead.

The IOC and their cronies in the LDP have seen the Japanese public as a mark for their scams and seen that they will rollover with little protest as the culprits loot the public treasury.

It is so prevalent in many cases it looks to be a matter of policy.

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So many scandals related to bribery, bid rigging, and a whole host of other things resulted from the recent Tokyo Olympics. They also had bribery and bid rigging problems along with a coverup for the Nagano Olympics.

Japan should cool their heels and get their house in order before trying to host another Olympics. People are getting tired of backdoor criminality and money wasting associated with hosting these Games.

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One of the things driving this ambition to host the games is the scheduled completion of the Shinkansen extension to Sapporo in 2030. Hopefully this doesn't derail that schedule.

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This sounds terminal for 2030, but they'll be back for more in 2034.

Just say no! It won't be "compact" or "eco friendly" or "low cost" or whatever the spin is.

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good. I don’t want to see that IOC jerk back in Japan picking up envelopes of cash again.

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Great news for Sapporo, Hoikkado and Japan. Any Olympics is simply not worth it. Pre-internet days, maybe. Post-internet days, no. If I want to watch international competitions anywhere in the world, I can get the highlights for free and don't have to sit through nationalistic biases all day or some fluff.

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