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Sponsors, volunteers welcome Hashimoto as Tokyo Olympics head


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Now, three top leaders of Tokyo Olympics are all women. President is Hashimoto, Olympic Minister is Marukawa and Tokyo Governor is Koike.

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Hashimoto, a seven-time Olympian, has said preparing effective measures against the novel coronavirus is the "most important" task and pledged to stage a "safe and secure" games this summer.

That's easy ... don't have a games this summer! Anywhere!

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She is no expert in sports marketing or management at all and just a sad attempt for political correctness. As she is considered by Mori as “ his daughter” the old guard also stays in charge. With the Canon rugby pal from Mori presiding the selection committee nothing else was to be expected.

what a pity the Japanese public is so easily nurtured back to sleep.

About her replacement, the returning Olympic minister was so invisible in her first time at the job they forgot to reappoint her earlier in the Abe cabinets.

Hashimoto’s first speech was about as motivating as a 4 hour documentary watching grass grow.

Nothing changed.

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I have stated this comment previosly. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Can she deliver. The way thing's are at the moment with Convid-19, I would say NOT.

In my opinion (and I say it with a heavy heart) Tokyo Oympics 2020/21 just will not happen.

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Guys, I suggest you read NHK news as well if you don’t want to become overly biased.

I'm just stating a fact.

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Now, three top leaders of Tokyo Olympics are all women. President is Hashimoto, Olympic Minister is Marukawa andNow, three top leaders of Tokyo Olympics are all women. President is Hashimoto, Olympic Minister is Marukawa and Tokyo Governor is Koike. Tokyo Governor is Koike.

You forget that it was 2 out of 3 anyway! Hashimoto was the Olympic minister in the first place!

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Last night's news discussed this topic and asked some people on the street their opinion about Hashimoto becoming the Chief of the committee.

One woman's comment struck a chord with me, when she said, that while she was happy FOR Hashimoto, she wanted to know just how the committee chose her and if there were any other candidates that were put forward during the deliberations on who to choose for the position.

She hoped that Hashimoto was chosen for her abilities and not as a reaction to the media and international pressure regarding the gender discrimination here!

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When is the deadline to cancel the Olympics ?

I’d like to make it with my summer plans. Last year, the postponement was announced the last week of March, after the three days off weekend when the whole country went out for the cherry blossom.

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vanityofvanitiesToday 07:02 am JST

Now, three top leaders of Tokyo Olympics are all women. President is Hashimoto, Olympic Minister is Marukawa and Tokyo Governor is Koike.

Hashimoto is Mori's protege, Marukawa is bonkers and Koike has become invisible again. The LDP poisons its women, we've seen it countless times.

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Sexism solved. Let's get all those volunteers back on board and pretend the Olympics are happening.

Just wondering, weren't the same sponsors the reason Mori was indispensable a couple of weeks ago?

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Agree with Alfie. The LDP are only pulling the wool over our eyes. Hashimoto is a Mori protege, and an LDP yes person. She has her athletic experience to understand from that perspective but to wield and manage an organization of that proportion is a first for her. Marukawa is just another pretty face for the LDP but behind the facade is only air. These geezers are hoping that this will appease everyone while they still move the puppets just like in Bunraku. Gender equality in Japan is a loooong ways off.

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It's ironic that she was mentored by Mori and, as Olympic Minister, must also have attended some of the meetings about which he claimed "Women are too competitive. One of them has a say, and they all have to have a say. It ends up taking forever". Please note that that is what he said, not "women talk a lot" (full stop end of story).

Her time heading the Skating Federation is notorious for the dodgy looking incident with Takahashi, but was also extremely successful in terms of medals. One is Hashimoto's own sport, female speed skating, where Kodaira and the Takagi sisters became world-beaters, but only after they started using Dutch coaches and conditioning methods. Maybe the Skating Federation (and Hashimoto) fully supported this, foreign coaches are not uncommon in figure skating, or maybe they didn't, but it would be interesting to know either way.

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Is it just me, or was her speech a little long...

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didou.... when is the last chance to cancel the games?

Well, according to a family member working on Olympic related matters at a large well known advertising company in Tokyo... February 22nd.

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Couldn't care less because I'm 100% against these Olympics anyway.

You could put an onion ring in charge and it wouldn't matter to me.

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A group I am interested in is preparing the idea to sue govt officials who want to hold the 2020 Olympics during the peak of a SARS-CoV-2 virus mutation, some immune to vaccines, and the emerging Uncontrolled Ebola pandemic evolving in Africa.

financial and custodial punishment is the goal.

should the group action include volunteers and sponsors?

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