Summer Koshien organizers consider cancelation due to virus


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The decision has yet to be final, though... I'd propose holding the event without on-site spectators. Or let's hope for alternative event.

Aside from the virus crisis, summer sport events in Japan could become life-threatening due to the local scorching weather. An implication for the Olympics...

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Consider? No, just cancel it.

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Greedy organizers don't want Koshien without packed spectators.

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The tournament is old as the fossils in parliament, this one will be harder to shut down...If PL and CL cant play, then this has to be given the kaibosh...

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Tinawatanabe. The bleachers are free

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Owners agreed to start NPB on 6/19 so why not Koshien? Can't hide forever.

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Why not just extend the regional leg of the competition by reorganizing the path to the finals and admit the fact that not every prefecture will be able to play in the Koshien this year, and reserve the space for the final 16 or 8?

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No loss there!

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