Sumo governing body takes steps to curb violence against young wrestlers


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Wash-rinse-repeat! And the sumo association wonders why fewer and fewer Japanese kids want to join their ranks?

What kid today wants to live their life like they are in the 18th century?

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Sumo grand champions who assault lower-ranked wrestlers will be forced to retire

I'd suggest they should be prosecuted if they have assaulted someone.

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Sad and disgraceful that the governing body did nothing about this behavior until now. Such hazing and violent mistreatment of junior wrestlers was considered part of thier training to toughen them up.

Nevertheless good for them for acting now. I hope they are serious about clamping down and that the wrestlers can all concentrate on actual wrestling.

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Yeah, sorry, but we heard this when the kid was killed a few years ago after being beaten to death with a bottle. Were the murderers jailed? Nope. After an in-house investigation a couple of resignations, promises to be more transparent, and a proclamation that there would be no more violence against young people in the sport. Oops.

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