Top sumo referee sexually harassed teen referee at winter tourney: JSA


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he does not recall harassing the younger referee

he forgot to mention it’s because he was heavily drunk on the night of 16-Dec.

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Wow - what a failure. Fire/ban him, if allegations are proven. Geez. What a disgrace.

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So, "The younger referee is not planning to file a police report..." but he must have said something to someone for the case to surface.

This kind of thing happened to me when I was a young lecturer at university here, but it never crossed my mind to say anything. The guy wasn't hiding it. He was drunk, and he had those inclinations, but I just laughed it off. In fact I know someone else who would fit this bill, but people around him just take it in their stride.

Perhaps it is the abuse of authority that introduces an element of fear into these situations, rather than just the actions themselves.

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Sumo copping a pounding! Emergency meeting where we can watch the federation sit around in silence staring at each other please.

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Excellent news! He should receive harsher punishment for NOT confessing and lying and saying he doesn’t remember.

Thats how we do here right?

Those who are proven to have used their position of power, status, or physical size to sexually harass other’s should get the same punishment as any thug on the street who does the same.

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In Japan, being drunk and not recalling such things, especially during enkai season, mean less punishment, if any, so long as you apologize and fake--I mean SHOW remorse. It'll be interesting to see how this goes given the revolution in other nations like the US with sexual harrassment and assault.

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Calling the pot black... No one was "punished" when they were caught fixing matches!

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That young referee just let the career opportunity of a lifetime pass him by.

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