Ikee makes competitive comeback after leukemia treatment


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Wow, a real winner. Way to go Rikako!!

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True inspiration!

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Might make it to the Tokyo Olympics after all.

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Best news of the year! Keep going Rikako-chan, build up your muscle size and strength and the times will fall. Aim for Tokyo 2021!

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Brave yard is a swimming pool to her. Grateful the heaven to see her to compete what she really loves.

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Truly awesome.

Wish you would try to be the next prime minister.

I am sure she would be way better than any of the silver-spooned oyaji who have had everything handed on a plate to them.

Rikako is such an inspirational person.........she would give Japan the lift it badly needs.

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I just saw the replay this morning. Incredible! What an inspiration. Good luck Rikako-san and keep well.

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Simply inspiring.

I hope her story reaches those who have given up and encourages them to persevere.

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A magnificent recovery. Let's see a full public apology from the bloated incompetent Sakurada, who decided in his rank insensitivity to criticise this inspirational athlete when she was stricken by this hellish disease..

A man who can't use a computer has the brass gall to be "disappointed" by Ms Ikee? Hang your head in shame, Sakurada. How dare you keep your snout in the trough?

Oh that's right. Because you don't have 0.001% of the honour or strength of character Ms Ikee has.

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She , by herself, is doing more for Japan than all politicians put together.

an example, inspiration and source of strenght for the entire country and beyond

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Rikako Ikee is an inspiration. All the best.

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Rikako reminds me of Greg Louganis. He had AIDS when he dived for the 1988 Summer Seoul Olympics and won a Gold Medal. And he's still living today.

Keep it up, Rikako. We're rooting for you! You go, girl!

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