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Takanoiwa assaults apprentice in latest scandal to afflict sumo


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Somewhere in Ulaanbaatar Harumafuji is smiling broadly. I watched sumo for nearly 20 years, the last few with my young daughter who knew the entire makunouchi division. I suspended nagging questions about the sport for far too long. But recent scandals involving women in the dohyo or girls being barred from a kids' event put me over the edge. Haven't tuned in since.

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Takanoiwa.... why

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As if more proof were needed this "sport" were dead.

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This guy Takanoiwa seems to be petulant, aggressive and immature. He ordered people to go and get things for him as if it was the most natural thing in the world. This slap was probably the final straw for the stable apprentice. Now I can begin to understand better why Harumafuji was so angry with him.

Wishing we could have Harumafuji back instead.

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