Tigers take 3-2 Japan Series lead after beating Buffaloes 6-2


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A very exciting comeback, especially after the previous error-filled inning.

Game 4 was an even better comeback in the bottom of the 9th inning.

They almost came back in game 3. But, just fell short.

Tigers fans are awesome, in any case. I've never seen or heard a louder crowd in the half dozen or so US ballparks I've been to, than at Koshien.

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Tigers have got this, barring disaster. This is gonna be a party not seen in 38 years - and there will be hundreds of thousands dancing in the streets of Osaka for at least a week!

Get those Colonel Sanders statues!

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Great series.

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The Tigers are one tough team. I have to cheer them on. Since they have had a torturous past, this year is theirs. Besides, they are having a great series after a great year. Great fans, too.

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@Fighto--Col. Sanders statues should be safe as long as there are no players that resemble him. Maybe Neuse does a little. The mid-80s canal jump was about finding fans who resembled all the players, and when no rotund Oklahoma expats appeared on the bridge, a single Col. Sanders was requisitioned as a stand-in to complete the game. Ultimately, it took decades before the statue was pulled out and put on display with the support of KFC. Because a KFC Japan magazine I collected plays up this history, I doubt they would mind the marketing gift of a repeat statue toss.

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