Mongolian wrestler Terunofuji becomes sumo's 73rd yokozuna


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Good for him!

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Nice, he deserve it !!..

Let's go for Yokozuna ranking Shodai, Takakeisho, Asanoyama !!..

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For a while I was critical of those exaggerated knee supports with spring-like blocks inside, but I guess times have changed. Teru-no-Fuji has done a great job and fully deserves to make Yokozuna. Here's hoping his body heals.

(Meantime congratulations to Hakuho for coming back in the nick of time, running neck-and-neck with him at 14-0, and finally beating Teru-no-Fuji to win this recent tournament.)

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Congratulation! I am extremely happy. Due to injuries, he was demoted to lowest ranks at one point. Then, gradually he came up to higher ranks. It was painful to watch. Now he is a Yokozuna!

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