Spring high school baseball tourney canceled over coronavirus


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This is terrible news. For most of these kids, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think that they could have reasonably played the tournament without fans in the seats, and it would have been an acceptable compromise. But I guess recent comments from Abe-san to "voluntarily" avoid large gatherings was just too much.

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They're certainly not going to cancel professional baseball -- that would cost money! But the kids hopes and dreams? who cares? Certainly not the government.

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The spring invitational baseball championship 選抜 offers teams with an outside chance of winning their respective prefectural tournaments to qualify for the summer Koshien tourney the opportunity to compete at the Mecca for HS baseball. A real shame.

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@Arrrgh-Type yeah, that’s why I was saying in some comments and some other articles. Just have a “Closed session” game, with the general public can’t go in. Just the teams, coaching staff, broadcasters, refs, and maybe a few family members of the athletes in question I can one sporting event I saw. There, that’s pretty good.

I mean unless one of the players tested positive for the coronavirus, like with the NBA, there’s no need to shut down tournaments like this.

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The school teams only get one chance to play. Next year will be new teams.

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The kids who will miss out on the cancelled Spring Koshien can still have a chance to qualify for the Summer Koshien( which is bigger than the Spring tournament). But I feel bad for schools that finally got their first break at being invited for the Spring one and now they have to miss it.

I'm looking forward to watching the Summer Koshien. I hope by that time, things will be back to normal.

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