Rikako Ikee smiles after winning a gold medal at the Asian Games in Indonesia August 2018. Photo: REUTERS file

Swimmer Ikee discharged from hospital after 10 months of treatment for leukemia


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I hope she makes a speedy recovery and return to swimming.

She is a true inspiration.

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She really has suffered. I hope she gets well soon. If I was her I would not swim. Just relax and heal up. A lot of exercise might not be good.

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Please continue to get better each and every day. You are an inspiration to me.

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I'm very happy for her.

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Such a brave and inspiring young lady. Hopefully she'll recover fully and beat this disease.

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Oh good news, glad she is recovering. Her strength is a great motivation for the people.

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@Leo: Are you a doctor? Heal up? Having had family experience with this, I would suggest you research before making such comments.

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Did you miss this part? “Ikee said she is still awaiting approval from her doctors to begin training in the water but that she has been doing basic training already.”

That means she is consulting with her doctors who are most likely more familiar with her condition and ability and any involved risks than you.

I’m very happy that she’s reached this stage and hope she goes on to recover to the point she can compete again as she wishes.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

theResident I dont need to be a doctor to have common sense. Why are you so defensive?

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

I would hardly say my comment is defensive. Staying fit and exercising is becoming the recommended norm for cancer sufferers - especially in breaks between treatment and in early remission. Hence my comment about doing your research.

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Was she in hospital for 10 months, or treated for 10 months?

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Very, very brave young girl. What an inspiration. I wish her all the best!

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Best wishes to her.

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Swimming against the current is never easy. But she has done it. Wishing the ace Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee, good health and good times.

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I’m such a softy in my old age. I get all misty every time I read about her. Oh I hope she reaches her goals and medals in Paris. I will be soggy then.

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Hope she get well.

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