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Japan beats Australia 2-0 to qualify for 2018 World Cup


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Congrats to Japan Team! It must be a good time to be in a pub, partying. Wish Socceros luck in their next match!!

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Well deserved, although they laboured to break Australia down.

Australia are dire. A shocking lack of quality.

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What’s happened to Aussie sports? That was Dire Straits, Chris Rhea. Soccerpoos more like. Come on Australia, get thy tails up!

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Well done Japan, 2 cracking goals, could have been 3 or 4-0. Still think a guy like Okazaki should start though(hopefully next week in SA).

As for the socceroos, they've been stagnating for a while now. Very poor technically bit like the A league i have to say.

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Japan had 41% possession, 14 or so shots at goal and two goals; Australia 59%, 5 or 6 shots and zero goals - according to statistics near the end.

That says it all, despite Japan's first goal looking a bit offside(!!!).

Congrats Japan!

Australia - good LUCK!

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Congratulations! And Japan also won the World Little League Baseball championship. We are on a roll!!!

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Japan deserved to win that one. Hopefully the Aussies will polish off Thailand and raise their game in time for next year.

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I'm glad Japan is through, and hat's off to them. Sounds like I missed a good game (kept track of the play-by-play online at work, but still). I think it's a shame if Japan, Australia, and South Korea don't make it, as they are typically the top of Asian soccer and the only teams with a real chance of going through beyond the first round (there are rare exceptions once in a while, of course), but them's the breaks. It also looks like the Dutch may not get through.

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