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Urías leads Mexico into World Baseball Classic semifinal against Japan


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@Hakman... you're right, my mind got a bit twisted around. Ultimately, the Heart wants the USA to win but, again, for the sake of baseball growth overall, I'd like to see Mexico.... or even China, take the whole thing. The series has been great so far, but imagine if it got as big as the World Cup.

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Viva Mexico,Adeente Siempre Adelente

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Japan-only country to reach all 5 semifinals

Mexico- first time in the semis

Gotta bet on Japan but with big Latin support from the Miami crowd, and 1 game winner take all you never can tell.

USA x Cuba in Miami should be a blast too.

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There are really only two countries that play baseball: Japan and America. Why bother with a World Cup?

An exaggeration. It isn’t a sport played seriously at a high level in too many countries, but more than two. I suppose the number of professional leagues and viewership could be good indicators.

Maybe you are seeing ‘World Cup’ from the perspective of a football World Cup which is unfair - that is the behemoth.

They have clearly padded this tournament out ( Britain? ) but you can see the effort to try and make the sport more popular globally.

That’s fair enough.

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There are really only two countries that play baseball: Japan and America. Why bother with a World Cup?

Tell that to people in the Caribbean, Latin America, Korea, Canada, and Taiwan.

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There are really only two countries that play baseball: Japan and America. Why bother with a World Cup?

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Today  03:57 pm JST Come on Mexico!

Must be tiring to support all the opponents of the Japanese team… China, South Korea, Czech Republic, Australia, Italy, Mexico… (…) (…) (…) (…)

Good luck, Japan.

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The semifinal against Mexico will most likely be much tougher for Japan than the group games and quarter final.

But, there's certainly no reason to believe that they can't beat Mexico. Japan has demonstrated timely hitting, speedy baserunning, and solid pitching.

I'm not sure why so many here insist on Japan baseball bashing. They are without a doubt among the best in this year's lineup of teams. And, they certainly have what it takes to go all the way, as do a handful of the other teams.

The next four games should all be pretty good, regardless of who ends up in the final. Although, I'm certainly hoping for a USA-Japan matchup, as I imagine many are.

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Future headline: Japan ends WBC quest with loss to Mexico

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I'm seriously impressed with Mexico beating both the USA and Puerto Rico. We've seen Mexico's other pitcher, Patrick Sandoval, on those Japan-broadcasted Angels games, and he has quality stuff betrayed only by an inconsistent-hitting team. Put him on a team like the Dodgers or Astros and he'd be considered an elite thrower.

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Come on Mexico!

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A wonderful analysis of your personal preferences Saikopsycho.

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I live in Japan, I'm American and would root for Japan over the USA but if the finals came down to Mexico vs Japan, I'd root for Mexico. My loyalty is more towards the growth of Baseball at this point than borders. If Mexico were to win this Baseball Classic my hope is that it would spark further interest in Mexico. I really wanted China to beat Japan... that would have made National Headlines in China and possibly sparked more interest in the sport there. That said, if I was a betting man, I'd have my money on Japan... but my heart would be with the USA.

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