Uruguay beats Japan 4-2


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This team is going nowhere under Zac.

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This team is going nowhere under Zac.

Don't be naive. We are talking about Uruguay national football team, the ones that held 2 times World Cup championships, and currently ranked 12th in the FIFA rankings while Japan ranked 37th. You can't create world champions overnight.

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Not to mention they have two of the best strikers in the world at their disposal - Suarez & Cavani. Throw in Forlan & that is a lot of firepower up front.

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Japan are a decent side who lost to a better one. Uruguay will be a threat at the World Cup next year if they can keep Suarez and Cavani fit ( and out of trouble in the case of Suarez ). No disgrace in this for Japan.

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How did Kakitani play last night?

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It was a good reality check for Japan's national team. We have decent mid fielders but when it comes to defenders, we have taken a few steps back compared to the previous world cup.

I don't know how Yoshida, who plays in the premier league, can be that bad game after game

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@Hide I watched Yoshida a quite a few times last season for Southampton and he was generally decent but I agree, he's had a few stinkers in a Japan shirt. That said, Japan's midfield is good with the ball, but is easy to play against and it will see the defence under a lot of pressure against top sides.

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I thought Uruguay's defense was quite good and left only small pockets open, which Japan couldn't seem to penetrate through. Japan really needs to work on offense and better midfield shooting. And they were hopeless going up the middle and seemed to only have a chance by passing in from the outside lanes.

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Ex Animo did you watch the game ?How many World Cups they have and current ranking had nothing whatsoever to do with those pitiful defensive efforts last night by Japan..and it's NOT overnight the national side has seemingly been at this same level for 12 years,good,but not good enough..Kings of Asia but zeroes anywhere else,they've flatlined and its time they started producing.

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aintgottimetobl: "This team is going nowhere under Zac."

Yeah, hey, let's blame the coach again! Celebrate him when Japan wins, vilify him and threaten his job when Japan loses. Nothing has changed but Japan's performance, and that hasn't changed much for the better.

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Smith what are you talking about ?

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