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U.S. Figure Skating blasts delay in awarding of Beijing medals


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China should be embarrassed. They are being petty. I can see Putin smiling just a little every time a story like this happens.

OTOH, I still see Russians banned from international sport. In an effort to keep the Russian athletes having any competitions, they are, all in Russia and countries tightly coupled to Russia. Every few months, I see some competition in the sport I follow, with the same 15 Russian athletes competing and perhaps 3 non-Russians, who aren't very good competing for last. It is a bit sad. There's a competition happening now in Pensa (about 300 kms SE of Moscow).

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China should be embarrassed? What has this got to do with China? Ask the Olympic committee.


No evidence, we're just supposed to trust whatever the US government says, right?

Why use balloons when you have satellites. Balloons is so 1940's.

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Yeah, that sounds like China.

Selfish and bitter sore losers.

What a strange country! Taking the side of the dopers.

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What's taking so long

It'd be time for the next Winter Olympics, and they still wouldn't receive their earned medals

That's a disservice to their accomplishments

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In Jan 2023,

Earlier this month, a Russia Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) disciplinary panel ruled that Valieva committed a violation in testing positive for the heart mediation trimetazidine


Given that WADA only received a copy of the RUSADA panel’s ruling this week and is still waiting for Valieva’s case file before deciding if it will file an appeal, it could be many more months before the team event winners are declared.

So, the Winter Olympics were a year ago, Russia OC and anti-doping agency has been dragging their feet all this time. They need to be banned from all international winter sports until all outstanding questions are resolved. ALL OF THEM. That way, they'd have proper incentives to come to conclusions faster.

It will be the first time in Olympic history that medals for an event will not be awarded.

Acting like this happens all the time is untrue.

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