U.S. Open success points way for Tokyo Games, says wheelchair tennis champ


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Umm, there was no audiance at the US Open.

So is that the plan for the Olympics?

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Ridiculous to use a single sports event with just a few , mainly US based athletes as benchmark for Olympics.

1) No spectators at the Olympics would defeat the entire economics of the event

2) The Us Open involved about 1000 people this year, the Olympics should involve millions

3) instead of 2 hotels we have a 12.000 athletes and 3000 staff Olympic village

4) visitors of all kinds from 200+ countries come to Japan

5) impossible to expect or demand of 12000 young people to lock themselves up for 2 weeks or more, it won’t work

6) athletes in the Olympics are constantly on the move between hundreds of venues, such as training camps , hotels, Olympic village, stadiums, hospitals, .....

7) successful staging of US open ? 6 out of top 10 players were absent, no spectators, no excitement. There was an infection and the nr 1 disqualified.

if you wanted to use an example then surely the Tour de France would be a much better one.

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how do the athletes hone their skills prior to the games?

The games may go ahead but they will not be the best sports possible. IOC is so desperate to make some money they are willing to do anything except give the athletes a fair shot at preparing for their pinnacle events.

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