Verlander vanquished: Astros lose lead, Dodgers force Game 7


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No one is blaming the Astro pitcher as he handled Turner very well.

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The stadium was full with fans of both teams. They skipped Halloween going, Each HR, money will be donated to hurricane victims.

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Tonight's game will decide WS winner, Astro with its hitters may win. Not over yet.

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Last time two 100+ win teams went to WS Game 7 was way back in 1932, even before WW2

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@1glenn, amazing story from a good half century ago. When you said Drysdale, it reminded me that just before game 6, LA manager Roberts was shown hugging a woman in a Drysdale jersey that was presumably his daughter (or else a spry looking wife/widow).

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Before they were the Astros, they were the Houston Colt .45s, and they were in the National League. I saw Drysdale beat them at Dodger Stadium, a few years back.

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2 of the greatest words in the English language - Game Seven!

The pivotal game - statistics show that the winner of Game 7 has gone on to win the series 100% of the time (and yeah, that includes the 2 times the World Series went best-of-9)

Game 6 is more typical of a WS game pitchers' duel

Dodgers' Kershaw was supposed to win Game 4, but his team lost

Astros' Verlander was supposed to win Game 5 (his ERA in previous series-clinching games: 0.00), but his team lost

So both times the team that's supposed to win instead lost

Darvish starts in Game 7

This is actually just the first ever WS Game 7 at Dodgers Stadium (the previous 2 times were at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field - lost both against the Yankees)

Verlander didn't pitch badly. With fiancée Kate Upton watching in an Astros jacket with throwback rainbow colors

That's what people watch for, lol

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@Yubaru, the Astros hit more than the Dodgers in Game 6. But when those hits aren't consecutive/ extra bases/ home runs it is hard to win. Super exciting game 7 tomorrow--will be sure to tune in!

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Yu Darvish should start tomorrow's game. Perhaps he can pitch the Dodgers to a World Series victory.

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Pretty hard to put the blame on him alone. On any other given day, allowing only 2 runs would be a great outing.

There is plenty of blame to put on the 9 guys doing the batting! Why didnt they get more runs?

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