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Verlander's 14 Ks lead Tigers over Yankees; Darvish struggles against Red Sox


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11 and 8 record with a 4.5 era -- I guess that's what $50M buys today. Thank God the Yankees passed on this cream cake...

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Darvish seems to be coming apart. While with the Nippon Ham Fighters he had a much easier schedule. Pitching every four days or so for the Rangers seem to have taken their toll on his ability and his confidence. Let's see how he does in September, and if the Rangers make the playoffs, how he does then. If a team makes the playoffs, then it's vital that their starters pitch at their best. Can Darvish still do this ... ??

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Strong start for Darvish, but he's falling apart. I guess that explains why I haven't been hearing about him daily.

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This simply illustrates the difference in quality between NPB and MLB leagues. 5-straight years of sub-2.00 ERA in NPB, and Darvish won't even come close to that in MLB (currently at 4.57 ERA). However, he still has time to adjust himself this season (and the rest of his career), like Kuroda has done and now adjusting took time in the tougher AL East to currently 3.19 ERA.

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Tatanka: Good point. The Yankees would rather pay AJ Burnett $82.5 mil for a 34-35 record and to pitch for the Pirates, and Carl Pavano $40 mil for 9 wins.

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It's a fine day when the Yankees lose! ANYTIME!

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It's a fine day when the Yankees lose! ANYTIME!

They're leading their division plenty, so I don't think they'd care too much. Plus baseball is one of those sports where even the best teams are expected to lose more than 60 times a season, so that's a pretty low bar.

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The Major League hitters are facing Darvish second and third time around. They know what is coming and there is no surprises. He is getting hit hard and Darvish has to adjust. I thought Darvish would be more of a power pitcher, but turned out to be a off speed breaking ball pitcher. Darvish might turn out to be another Matsuzaka. Texas might've been better to keep C.J. Wilson.

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Darvish will be fine, he won't be the next Matsuzaka, not with the Ryan Express around helping him...

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