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Verstappen celebrates 'insane' win in Austria to pull clear in F1 title race


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Verstappen is only "dominating" because Red Bull have a huge car advantage. Sir Lewis will be back to put him in his place! Go Sir Lewis!

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Yes, you know that's what F1 has always been about. The only question is can the driver be quick and consistent enough to get the full potential out of his car.

Lewis is fantastically consistant, and will return to the top once the Merc is the best car on the grid again.

Great driving from Norris also!

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Perez upset with Lando, but was it a penalty on Lando? iffy.

Then Perez does the same thing to LeClerc. He said:

 “First with Lando, I think it wasn’t fair racing there. He was lucky not to have any damage but next time it can be different.

“With Charles I’m extremely sorry because that’s not the way I like to be racing, in both occasions I just tried to brake as late as possible, ended up without road. I haven’t seen the incidents with Charles but by the end just frustrated with that because as I say that’s not the way I like to race.”

Sergio. Dude, you can't have it both ways.

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If Checo kept his cool, it'd have been a Redbull's 1-2 victory. Great victory for Max.

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Lewis is not getting any younger, Norris will be in his seat one day soon.

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Lewis is not getting any younger, Norris will be in his seat one day soon.

Sir Lewis is not going anywhere. He just signed on until the end of 2023 season. Norris has to win races first, then wait his turn for the Mercedes seat.

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Verstappen is only "dominating" because Red Bull have a huge car advantage. 

That's what Lewis had the last five years, now the pressure is on and he is starting to make mistakes. The gloves are off now, I'm looking forward if Hamilton really deserves to be called "the goat" or is he just a privileged sheep?

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I just want Russel in a more competetive car, and maybe kick Lewis's arse. Though, Williams had a decent car last 2 races.

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Nothing to say really. Red Bull have made some wise strategic moves. Let’s see what Mercedes and the others have in reply. Judging by the closeness of their lap times, all the teams seem to be working damn hard towards it.

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