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Vettel looks to clinch F1 title in Japan, again

By Jim Armstrong

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He is sitting in a car that is fastest by all means. Christian Horner and Adrian Newey are the real champions. There is an intangible aspect to great champions of the past which is beyond race numbers and title wins. Vettel is not winning with a mediocre car, that is why people like Alonso and Kimi are more popular.

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I was going to go to the grand prix on Sunday but to save money I decided to go and sit on the side of the Chuo Expressway instead and watch cars drive past. It's the same thing but costs nothing.

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F1 is boring and pointless. Who buys a car based on the performance of an F1 team? Ferrari are rubbish but still selling record numbers of cars.....

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No, he won't.

Alonso will come higher than eighth, and Vettel may not win this race.

Next year the engines will be 1.6 L, more in line with what ordinary people are driving on the roads, so there should be some spin-off to car manufacturing in terms of fuel efficiency, turbos, hybrid kers, etc. But F1 cannot go too far into the environmental camp. As they gain in green cred and health & safety, they can easily lose in street cred.

A hard balancing act.

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I wish I lived in Japan if only to use that fantastic circuit. The closest I can get is Gran Turismo....

I'm not sure what V6 turbo engines is going to do for the sport either. The certainly noise isn't going to be the same and that is a tragedy for the sport, although at least no one is talking about diesel's yet...

Anyway, here's to Mark Webber winning from pole in his final year.

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