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Vettel stuns Hamilton to win Malaysian Grand Prix


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I know that money is important for sport, but in F1, the money seems more important than the sport. Thanks to that, it is no longer available to watch in my country without a minimum $1,200 donation to Rupert Murdoch. As an F1 fan, this is the first race I've been unable to watch in 20 years. It seems it is now a sport I read about rather than follow. Shame about that. Glad to hear Vettel won, but it's all just text on a screen now.

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Sorry about that, donkusai. Bummer.

There are free live streaming sites available though, and most countries, like Japan's hugely irritating Fuji Terebi, offer a canned version, often later the same evening.

An interesting race indeed. Exhausting for the drivers, though. The Ferrari set-up looked spot on. They have set the standard for the whingers to follow. Brilliant. Poor tire/tyre strategy and complacency sank Mercedes.

What will happen next?

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donkusai, I agreed with you. However I don't miss F1 for not being showing live on Free To Air TV Channels because Formula One race is boring and fewer cars left on track. I don't surprised driver like Max Verstappen and Phillip Nsr score points more than experienced drivers in two races because most teams are sorting out reliable issue with new technology. F1 is going wrong direction. If F1 wanted to go Green and then FIA should be thinking about pure Electric or Hydrogen Formula One race and using more advance technology than Formula E. Honda was wrong to come back to Formula One. Honda should be competing in GTE or GTE-Pro in WEC. It's more relevance to car manufacture business than current Formula One. I believe one day GTE and GTE-Pro will split from main LMP classes in WEC.

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