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Vettel wins Malaysian GP


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That was disgraceful. He complained about Webber being too slow even as Webber outpaced him in that very lap.

Webber was 5-6 seconds ahead of him and turned his engine down, and Vettel defied the order to keep racing.

Poor sportsmanship and obviously no team player. He's lucky Webber didn't belt him, because he sure looked like he wanted to at the end.

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Disguised the fact that Webber took Alonso's front wing off on the 2nd lap. Alonso's wing had been slightly damaged on lap 1 but Webber completed the job. Nobody noticed it.

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The fact that we can have team orders telling one driver to back off and favour another makes this a mockery of a sport. Fastest driver should be allowed to win, even if it jeopardises the team result.

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“Mark should have won,” Vettel said, adding that he won’t make the mistake again.

And this is just sheer hypocrisy.

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Vettel is a very talented but very egotistical driver. He knows he will get away with this. webber would leave but would never get into as good a team. So nothing will come of this. Crappy sport anyway - team orders etc etc.

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A tough one to be judgmental about.

At the end of the season every earlier point lost or gained starts to count hugely in finally deciding the world championship.

Vettel and Webber showed some brilliant duelling right at the end, which is what we watch races for but seldom see. Sadly, tire/tyre degradation and fuel constraints prevent this kind of out-and-out racing.

If Hamilton had had enough fuel we could have seen an equally entertaining race between the two Mercedes teammates.

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The fact that we can have team orders telling one driver to back off and favour another makes this a mockery of a sport. Fastest driver should be allowed to win, even if it jeopardises the team result.

They are only allowed 8 engines for the season, so the thinking is that they don't flog them all the way to then end of the race if they don't have to. In this case, they had it won, so the team decided that, with the big picture in mind, the drivers ease off, because Vettel was not faster than Webber at full racing speed as wasn't going to catch him.

Webber eases off, only to discover that Vettel doesn't, and goes past him. Had Webber not tuned down his engine, he would have won by 5 or 6 seconds.

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Tamarama makes the point exactly. This is not about who was driving fastest on lap 40 or whatever. Both Webber and Hamilton followed team orders earlier by slowing down and pacing their tyres and fuel consumption. So how would that be fair, after one team member follows orders and slows the pace, to then be caught and overtaken by their colleague? Vettel and Rosberg only got themselves in those positions because Webber and Hamilton followed orders.

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Webber is clearly the number 2 driver in the team. Vettel is simply better. Mark should know his place or bugger off. Anyone else in the field could drive that Red Bull as well as him and be a better team player about it. He's a 36 y.o journeyman.

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The only way to fix this is to mandate 1-car teams. You would have thought we'd seen the end of team orders after Ferrari treated Rubens Barrichello like a red-headed stepchild. (A testa rossa, indeed.)

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..also Aryton "high on a pedastal" Senna would have done exactly the same thing, think he would have sat back and watch a Mark Webber win?

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